Ask better questions (if you want better answers)

It’s easy to blame an incomplete answer on whoever is answering your question. But have you ever considered it might be your question that is the issue?

Some light reading

Make your questions count

Asking incomplete questions will make you waste time on the research you didn’t need to do and waste other people’s time. Asking the wrong questions is the fastest way to fail in any endeavor, business or otherwise.

How to ask questions

  1. Reason for the question
  2. The desired format of the answer (or data)
  3. Any required background information needed to interpret the answer

Adding motivation will help everyone know what you’re working towards, you start at the end. knowing what format you want your data in will help you keep direction. Knowing what background information is needed, will help you determine who to ask the question to.

Be specific

The right questions are the most powerful tool you have at your disposal, use it well.

Huibert is an innovation engineer, prototyper, maker, 3D printing nerd. He thinks anyone can be an inventor with the right mix of attitude and time investment.